Video + PDF How to Install Strap Arches

Strap Arches

Learn how to install strap arches in this tutorial! This minimalist hardware is used to accent handles, or even attach handles to your bag! There are currently two sizes and five colors available.

I think you’ll be impressed by how easy this hardware is to install. No special tools are required, just some basic sewing supplies. Take a moment to watch my latest tutorial videos below!

Also, I’ve created a FREE printable with all of the steps for installing strap arches. Be sure to download a copy below to keep handy in your sewing room.

Supplies and Tools Used in Videos: Click on any of the supplies below to purchase!

– Strap Arches

– Seam Ripper

– Marking Pen

– Foam Stabilizer

– Fusible Interfacing

Ready to try strap arches? try ours!

These are extremely easy-to-add and very strong. This purse hardware works beautifully with purses, totes, and handbags made from quilter’s weight cotton, cork fabric, vinyl, leather, Kraft-Tex, canvas, and other bag making materials. These arches are available in nickel, light gold, antique, gunmetal and rose gold. Choose between sizes 3/4″ and 1″ wide.

Don’t have a pattern for strap arches? Try my Tiffany Satchel Pattern! See below!


Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy the tutorials and try a set of strap arches on your next bag!

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2 thoughts on “Video + PDF How to Install Strap Arches

  1. Sarah Turnbull says:

    Hello Jess,
    How are the arches used to attach straps? It looks like the example bags shown have them for decorative purposes.
    Regards, Sarah

    • Jess from Sallie Tomato says:

      Hi Sarah! If you check out the gallery of Tiffany bags here (, the red and yellow plaid bag shows swivel hooks clipped to strap arches on the sides of bag. I’ve also seen where the strap arch is attached to the front of a bag, and the handle is fed through the arch and back up. So rather than stitching the handle directly to the bag, the handle is stitched back on itself or riveted together. Unfortunately, I don’t have an example of this currently, but I do have some patterns in the works to use arches in that way. Let us know if you have more questions! – Jess

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