Video: How to Install Grommets

I’m always surprised to find that most people cringe when having to install grommets. They fear cutting the holes, or having to learn how to use a special tool to install them.

Is that you?

If so, take a moment to watch my latest tutorial video! It will be extremely helpful for you! No special tools are required – just some basic sewing supplies!

If that’s not you, check it out anyway because you might pick up a few tips! 😉

Supplies and Tools Used in the Video:

Click on any of the supplies below to purchase!

– Grommets
– Hole Cutter
– Marking Pen
– Ruler
– Seam Ripper
– Scissors
– Scrap of Batting
– Hammer

Ready to try using Grommets? Try ours!

Our double faced grommets look stunning from both sides. Use grommets for attaching narrow straps, a drawstring, or chain on handbags and bucket bags. Choose from five glossy finishes including silver, light gold, antique, gunmetal black, and copper.

Don’t have a pattern for grommets? Try my Magnolia Bucket Bag Pattern! See below!

Magnolia Bucket Bag

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy the tutorial and conquer your fear of grommets!

Jess from Sallie Tomato


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