Introducing Learn as You Sew Patterns!

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Learn as you Sew™ Patterns are Exclusive to Sallie Tomato!

In the sewing industry today, there are countless pattern companies and independent designers. This can be a good thing because there are so many creative designs to choose from; however, this can also be a bad thing because there is no standard or set of rules when it comes to writing and selling a sewing pattern. It can be frustrating to understand the instructions because each designer has their own writing style and images, if any.

I’ve decided to create Learn as you Sew™ Patterns to set a new standard for pattern making!  I wanted to create an easy-to-follow pattern series with designs that look store bought, with the quality of an handmade item. These patterns are great for beginners as well as advanced!

What is a Learn as you Sew™ Pattern?

Throughout Learn as you Sew™ Patterns are tips and information about different terms and techniques, so you can “Learn as you Sew.” You can expect:

  • Clear, precise instructions
  • Detailed step-by-step graphics
  • Links to in-depth tutorials and supplies
  • Explanation of terms and techniques
  • Options for customization
  • And more!

You’ll know if it’s a Learn as you Sew™ Pattern if it says “Learn as you Sew” under the title on the front cover of a Sallie Tomato pattern.

For the Beginner

These patterns are great for beginners.  I use the same, descriptive writing style throughout each step, so you will begin to recognize common terms and the language of sewing.  Also, beginners can take advantage of the interactive videos and tutorials throughout the pattern.  If you’re struggling to understand a section of instructions, links to online videos and tutorials are included for additional help.

For the Advanced

I truly believe that you’re always learning. So even if you don’t need the guidance included in the pattern, you may learn a new technique along the way!  Before I write any pattern, I thoroughly research different methods of construction.  I try to include the most efficient and precise techniques so you will get the same, quality results each time you make a Learn as you Sew™ Pattern.  In addition, I provide options for customization throughout the pattern so you can style it as your own.

And for everyone in between!

The Tiffany Tote is the first pattern in the Learn as you Sew Pattern Series!  And… it’s free!  Sign up below to get the free pattern.

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Lst 111 tiffany tote cover

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The Tiffany Tote is designed to personalize to your own style by showing off your favorite fabrics, metal strap connectors, and rivets!

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I hope that you will find value in this new sewing pattern series!  Please contact me if you have questions or suggestions!

Happy Sewing!

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