What is the Sallie Tomato Loyalty Rewards Program?

Our rewards program is a way of giving back to our returning customers.  We greatly appreciate continued support of Sallie Tomato, and therefore offer this program to save money on future purchases for you!  Points can be redeemed after 100 or more have been accumulated under your account.  For every 100 points, earn a $5 reward!

How do I earn rewards?

There are three ways you can earn reward points:

  1. Create an account on our website. (25 points)
  2. Review a product that you’ve purchased. (10 points)
  3. Earn points for making a purchase. (every $1 = 1 point)

Do my points ever expire?

Your points will expire one year after the date you earned them.  You can see when you earned points under the “My Account” page.
Start earning rewards!