DIY Tuck Lock Tutorial

Tuck Lock Tutorial

Enjoy this DIY Tuck Lock tutorial to learn how to install a functional, Tuck lock on any bag!

Attaching a tuck lock allows you to secure your bag, pocket, flap, or tab closed. It also makes for a professional touch! Add a tuck lock to clutches, wallets, handbags, backpacks and more. Tuck locks are available in silver, light gold, antique, and gunmetal black finish. This tuck lock is assembled with prongs and screws.

I’ve provided Free PDF Instructions, a Video Tutorial, and a Picture Tutorial for you to quickly and easily learn. I hope you enjoy these tutorials and learn something useful to use in your own bag making.



  • Base Plate (attaches to bag body or pocket panel)
  • Washers (attach to wrong side of base plate)
  • Spring Button (attaches to edge of flap or tab)
  • Screws (attach to wrong side of spring button)
  • Marking Pen
  • Small Screw Driver
  • Seam Ripper or Small Scissors
  • Fray Stop or Glue



1) Make sure your project is properly interfaced and stabilized before beginning.  Start by aligning the prongs of the base plate over the holes of a washer. Make note of which holes the prongs poke through.

Tuck Lock Tutorial

2) Position the washers over the bag body or pocket where the base plate will be inserted.  Then, mark the holes of each washer where the prongs poked through.

Tuck Lock Tutorial
Tuck Lock Tutorial

3) Next, use a seam ripper to cut a slit at each mark.

Tuck Lock Tutorial

4) Apply fray stop or glue to each slit.

Tuck Lock Tutorial

5) Insert the prongs of the base plate through the slits from the right side to the wrong side.

6) On the wrong side, place the washers over the prongs and bend the prongs away from the center.

Tuck Lock Tutorial

7) Insert the edge of the flap into the channel on the top of the spring button.

Tuck Lock Tutorial

8) Flip over to the wrong side and screw the spring button in place.

Tuck Lock Tutorial

9) And now your lock is complete!  Slide the latch over the base plate to close, and press the spring button to unlatch.  Enjoy your gorgeous lock!

Tuck Lock Tutorial Tuck Lock Instructions

For additional help, email me through the contact page.

Thanks for reading and watching!

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