DIY Adjustable Strap Tutorial

DIY Adjustable Strap

Learn how to turn almost any strap into an adjustable strap, or add an removable crossbody strap, with this DIY Adjustable Strap Tutorial!  I’ve provided Free PDF Instructions, a Picture Tutorial, and a Video Tutorial for you to learn how to quickly and easily create a gorgeous, functional adjustable strap for any bag.  I hope you enjoy these tutorials and learn something useful to use in your own bag making.

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Picture Tutorial

Assemble the strap as directed in your pattern, but do not attach to your bag yet.  If making an adjustable shoulder strap, the length should be approximately 20-40 inches.  If making an adjustable crossbody strap, the length should be approximately 50-60 inches.

Thread the one end of the strap over the center bar of an adjustable slider buckle. Fold the end of the strap 1 ¼” to the underside. Topstitch end of strap to itself, ¼” from end of strap. (Figure 1)

DIY Adjustable Strap

This step is optional. Thread one rectangle ring over the end without the slider buckle. Slide the rectangle ring on strap until it is a few inches away from the slider buckle. This ring will help keep the excess strap in place. It is especially helpful when using thicker fabrics for your strap, such as vinyl or cork. It will be referred to as a “strap keeper” throughout the remaining instructions. (Figure 2)

DIY Adjustable Strap

If making a removable strap, use swivel clips for the next step. If making an attached strap, you will attach directly to the connector rings on your bag.

With the wrong side of the strap up, thread the end without the slider buckle through a swivel clip or ring on your bag until it’s approximately 6” from slider buckle. (Figure 3)

If using a strap keeper (the optional rectangle ring), thread the end of the strap back through the strap keeper. (Figure 4)

Thread the end of the strap over the center bar of the slider buckle. (Figure 4)

To complete strap, make sure strap isn’t twisted, and thread the end through remaining swivel clip or ring on your bag.Fold the end of the strap 1 ¼” to the underside of strap.Topstitch end of strap to itself ¼” from end.(Figure 5 & 6)

DIY Adjustable Strap

If desired, insert one rivet through the center of strap, approximately ½” from fold, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.(Figure 6)

Video Tutorial

You have now completed your adjustable strap! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! For additional help, email me through the contact page.

Thanks for reading and watching!

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