Guest Tutorial for Blue Calla: How to Easily Add Leather Handles

How to Easily Add Leather Handles

Do you have a difficult time making strap connectors and handles for your bags?

I want to share with you an alternative way for making strap connectors and handles by using Pre-made Leather Handles! Celine of Blue Calla Patterns has invited me to write a pattern hack on this topic!   On her website, I've included step-by-step instructions for adding pre-made leather handles specifically for the Aster Handbag and Boronia Bowler by Blue Calla Patterns.  These are such wonderful patterns, and the leather handles are a gorgeous addition to these bags!  Celine’s detailed instructions make it easy to substitute alternate handles and hardware when making your bag! Pre-made leather handles add a professional look to your bag, without the hassle of making them yourself.  They can easily be substituted into almost any bag pattern!  Included in this blog post, is a free PDF instruction sheet for altering patterns to use pre-made leather handles.

Download the Free PDF Instruction Sheet Here!

Shop Pre-Made Leather Handles Here!

Check out the Tutorial Here!

Here are some pictures of my Blue Calla Bags! I hope you enjoy the tutorial! :)