“I began by selling items that I had sewn myself.  Now, my passion is to design quality sewing patterns, so you can create too!”


Hello, my name is Jessica Sallie Kapitanski!  I am the Founder and CEO of Sallie Tomato.  I am currently a Senior pursing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree in Entrepreneurship.  I have a strong passion for school while being dedicated to my work.  Lucky for me, I’ve been around sewing and quilting all my life!  I originally opened my shop in 2014 as another source of income to fund my college tuition.  I began by selling items that I had sewn myself.  Now, my passion is to design quality sewing patterns, so you can create too!  My fiance’, Mitch, is what I like to call my “Equipment Specialist.”  He works behind the scenes to help me with photography equipment, filming equipment, and displays!


Sallie Tomato provides sewing patterns, purse hardware, cork fabric, and select sewing supplies for bag making.  All of my sewing patterns are my own designs.  Each are hand drafted, then computer digitized by me.  I take all of the pattern photos as well.  I personally test each pattern along with a group of pattern testers to ensure that you are purchasing a quality pattern, free from errors! My focus is to create patterns that are easy to understand for all skill levels, fun to sew, and easy to experiment with or customize to your preferences.  Each pattern is complete with step-by-step graphics to help make the written directions easier to understand.  Included are many sewing techniques and tips to help you achieve a quality, finished project.  Each pattern is designed to help you learn and expand your sewing skills!  Each pattern is available as an Instant Download PDF file, or you may purchase a paper copy to have shipped to you. Recently, I’ve added select sewing supplies to my shop.  My hope is that it will be more convenient for you to find the supplies to go along with each of my patterns.  I still offer a few items that are sewn by me if you prefer to purchase a project ready-made.


The name of my shop developed around my middle name, Sallie.  Also, the tomato pin cushion is the main part of my name and logo design because I create sewing patterns.  Thank you for visiting my website!


After you purchase a pattern from me, you may send me a message on our Contact Page or email me at info@sallietomato.com should you need any help working through your project.  Also visit my YouTube channel for detailed tutorials and full, project sew-a-long videos. Join my Facebook Group for support, to connect with others who sew, and to share projects made with Sallie Tomato Sewing Patterns.  Members of my Facebook Group receive an exclusive discount code!  Thank you for visiting my shop!

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Founder and CEO

"My passion is to design quality sewing patterns, so you can create too!"


Equipment Specialist

"I help Jess with creating displays and setting up equipment for her photography and filming!"


My Adorable Dachshund

"Buddy is ten years old.  He's on the cover of my Puppy Pillow Pattern!"